Rafael Franco

Rafael Franco

Senior Product Manager

Rafael is a Senior Product Manager at Devbridge Group, working to deliver products that bring great value to customers. Prior to his current role, Rafael worked as a Software Developer/Architect for over a decade. He enjoys the work he does now because it involves many different aspects of the company, allowing him to interact with engineering, sales, and design teams as well as customers. Rafael is also glad to be at Devbridge Group because his “just do it” approach aligns well with the company’s value.

The proudest accomplishment of Rafael’s career thus far was the work he did to conceptualize, develop, and market a product called ScriptRunner that integrates into Confluence and Jira and helps companies to automate and integrate their Atlassian products. It is one of the top selling apps at Atlassian and is currently being used by millions of people.

Outside of his work, Rafael is passionate about music, which he studied in London.

It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.

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