Raimondas Plytnikas

Raimondas Plytnikas

Software Engineer

Before joining Devbridge Raimondas worked as a .NET Developer for multiple companies, including Adform, Visma, and Atea. His responsibilities have also included mentoring and managing a group of .NET Developers. Now as a Software Engineer at Devbridge, he welcomes the opportunity to try different things and keep working to find the best solutions for software that he can. Calm, persistent, and with an excellent attention span, Raimondas is able to focus on the task at hand and overcome the challenges he faces. One way he makes his work more efficient so he can better focus on solving problems is by creating his own keyboard shortcuts using the Autohotkey programming language.

Raimondas is a fan of several different types of sports, but his hobbies also extend to musical instruments - specifically, the accordion. Though he says he’s not good at it, he still enjoys playing it. Whether playing sports or playing the accordion, Raimondas tries to incorporate mindfulness into his everyday life. He is always willing to talk about minfdulness with others, as well.

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