Ralph Buan

Ralph Buan

Product Designer

Ralph earned his bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design from Santa Monica College. He worked as a UX Design Intern at BearHouse Innovations and was also a Design Fellow at the National Institutes of Health via the Civic Digital Fellowship. More recently, he held the position of Junior Webmaster at JDI Distribution. Now, at Devbridge, he is excited to have the opportunity to help design user-friendly enterprise software for large companies. Every day, Ralph strives for mastery, aiming to keep up with the latest trends and always be ready to adapt as needed to provide the highest quality product. Though he always works hard and is focused on success, he never forgets the importance of empathy and kindness.

Ralph became a US citizen in 2019 and says that is the proudest achievement of his life. In his free time, Ralph loves to play music and attend live performances of most any genre. He both plays the trombone and sings. To stay active, he plays tennis. As he looks to the future, Ralph hopes to be able to travel more and learn about the diverse cultures and histories of as many places as possible.

"Real G's move in silence like lasagna”

Lil Wayne

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