Renata Kranauskienė

Renata Kranauskienė

Senior Business Analyst and Team Lead

Renata earned her Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Vilnius University. As a Senior Business Analyst at Devbridge she is focused on using her education and past professional experience to solve problems and help improve the company internally. A responsible, reliable person, Renata finishes every project that she starts and always follows through on commitments. This attitude, coupled with her belief in transparent communication, has contributed to her professional success. Though she’s goal-oriented, Renata also focuses on the human aspect of her work, always considering the feelings of those she’s working with. Renata is pleased to work at Devbridge, as the company’s values align with her own.

Outside of work, Renata is interested in dog training and is currently participating in the Level 1 dogs training course, reads a lot about the topic and also listens to podcasts to learn.

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