Renata Sakalauskienė

Renata Sakalauskienė

Senior Accountant

Renata remembers learning computing and using the Internet for email for the first time in secondary school, but she never got addicted; she prefers face-to-face contact. With a Master’s Degree, international conference participation experience and two kids as some of her proudest achievements, Renata is more than ready for her new role as accounting and finance specialist in our Kaunas office.

Renata finds inspiration in many life events, from her favorite hobbies to the people surrounding her. If she weren’t in accounting and finance, she believes she would have gone into medicine, though her first experience in the working world was almost humorous. For her first job, Renata spent a summer holiday in a meat factory, peeling garlics when she was 14 years old.

“When one door closes, a window opens”

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