Rex Vargas

Rex Vargas

Senior Product Manager

Rex has earned both his MBA and a Master’s in Product Design and Development. What’s driven him to work so hard and achieve such goals? He says people, travel, and his spiritual beliefs are his motivation for continuing to learn and to achieve. In his work, he’s motivated by a desire to improve the ways people connect to people and the way people connect to the information they are looking for.

Amid his education and professional commitments, Rex has found time to travel to Brazil, Italy, and the Philippines, and enjoyed each one of these diverse destinations. One day he hopes to visit Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. In addition to traveling, Rex also spends his free time working out, reading, and watching movies. He’s involved with both CrossFit and MMA, and is a fan of The Lord of the Rings, The Dark Night, Game of Thrones, and Friends.

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

Abraham Lincoln
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