Ričardas Faturovas

Ričardas Faturovas

Software Engineer

Ricardas is a Software Engineer at Devbridge Group. He earned his Degree at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, and then worked for two years in a software development company before joining Devbridge Group. For the bulk of his time at his previous company, Richard's was heavily involved in the development of a large-scale finance management web application for a large international client.

Ricardas was able to succeed in this high-stress, fast-paced environments because he tackles negativity and difficult problems by responding in a relaxed, calm and collected way. He expects that this trait will continue to benefit him throughout his career.

In his free time, Ricardas enjoys watching Family Guy and digital drawing. He is also a gamer, and would one day like to develop a video game from start to finish - concept art to end product.

“You’re a wizard Harry”


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