Ričardas Seliatyckis

Ričardas Seliatyckis

DevOps Engineer

Ricardas holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering. Before joining Devbridge he worked for both EPAM Systems and Bentley Systems Europe. In those companies, he held various roles including Cloud Engineer, Operation Specialist, Service Technician, and Local IT Admin. Now, at Devbridge, he is a DevOps Engineer whose natural patience serves him well as he does his work. Always willing to take ownership and make great things, Ricardas’ professional values align well with Devbridge’s mission.

Ricardas is the proud father of two boys and he is dedicated to loving and supporting them. In his free time, Ricardas enjoys taking on DIY projects. He is also learning to play the drums. When Ricardas watches TV, he is usually rewatching episodes of Friends.

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