Rimantas Benetis

Rimantas Benetis

Technology Director

Rimantas specializes in highly scalable systems and agile development. His job at Devbridge Group is wide-ranging, as he offers technical support to the sales team, educational activities team (Sourcery Academies), and helps to run the internal IT infrastructure. He loves his job because he gets to explore the development world from a multitude of angles, allowing him to solve different challenges every day. He also enjoys that his job allows him to work on sustainable software development models which helps Devbridge Group achieve its goal of providing the best possible services to clients.

Rimantas expands his professional knowledge through the broad universe that Google offers, but also through StackExchange. He prefers StackExchange because it gives users the opportunity to explore, rather than providing a tailored view like search engines and aggregators do.

In his free time, Rimantas enjoys playing basketball. He also spends time exploring the world of robotics, especially drones, FPV, and microcontrollers.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. I’m not sure about the universe”

Albert Einstein

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