Rimgailė Sinkevičienė

Rimgailė Sinkevičienė

Front End Engineer and Team Lead

Before joining Devbridge Group, Rimgaile worked as a freelance web developer and graphic designer for various companies. She also put significant time and effort into her education, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Business Administration, then attending Kaunas Information Technology School for graphic design and web design to become a multimedia specialist. Rimgaile then received a Google scholarship and participated in the nano degree program at Udacity for front end web development. She also participated in the Sourcery Academy for front end web development. As evidenced by her continued commitment to learning about her chosen profession, Rimgaile has found a career that keeps her motivated. She’s proud to always be willing to improve herself, and happy that she can lose herself in her work and feel a sense of accomplishment in what she does.

In her free time, Rimgaile is an avid reader, though she has not always been. She recently discovered the pastime as a way to relax while getting away from screens. When not reading or working, Rimgaile stays active, spending time outside in nature riding his bike, walking in the woods, or swimming.

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