Rimgaudas Laucius

Rimgaudas Laucius

Principal Software Engineer

Rimgaudas is a Senior Software Engineer with expertise in Java, TypeScript, React + Redux, Agile, and Lean. He enjoys working in a team to solve problems and bring new products into the world. With all of the work that he does, his ultimate goal is to engineer and deliver valuable software that keeps up with the latest trends in technology.

Already in his career Rimgaudas has achieved a milestone of engineering software that has been used by 40,000 bank agents to perform their daily work. As for his future goals, he would especially like to work on a project related to artificial intelligence. No matter what he is working on, though, Rimgaudas is best motivated by having a solid, concrete goal to accomplish.

An avid reader, Rimgaudas is always willing to discuss his favorite books. He also enjoys philosophy, physics, and chess.

p>“I'm smart enough to know that I'm dumb.”

Richard Feynman

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