Rimvydas Paskevicius

Rimvydas Paskevicius

Senior Software Engineer

After his dream of becoming an astronaut was crushed by his teacher, Rimvydas set his sights on becoming the best McDonalds employee in Lithuania. Fortunately, that career venture also fell through, as it enabled Rimvydas to find his niche as a web developer at Devbridge.

Rimvydas is always ready to put his creativity to use, whether in the Devbridge office or at home with his 4-year-old son who is already learning to draw incredible pictures. In another lifetime, Rimvydas would like to work in the architecture field and use his super powers to cleanse the universe of all food photos on Instagram.

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Rimvydas Paskevicius
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Overview of the PHP World

PHP evolves at a rapid pace, both at the language level and at the community level. In fact, it evolves much faster than any other language or web platform.