Rimvydas Urbonas

Rimvydas Urbonas

Senior Software Engineer

When Rimvydas was just 7 years old, his father generously bought him his first computer. However, the equipment was so ancient that Rimvydas had to manually copy source code from a book in order to play a game. Perhaps this is why Rimvydas claims there isn't a single piece of software or website he couldn't live without!

In the office, Rimvydas is inspired by challenging projects that require him to flex his creative muscles. When he’s not at work, Rimvydas enjoys getting a spiritual and emotional boost from exploring unseen places and watching movies that make him really think, such as “Life of Pi.”

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Rimvydas Urbonas
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Automated User Interface Testing

UI testing is a process used to test the user interface of an application, and to detect if the application is functioning correctly. UI testing can be performed manually by a human tester, or it can be performed automatically with the use of a software program.