Robyn Andrews

Robyn Andrews

Business Development Executive

Robyn has an extensive career on the business side of the IT industry. Before joining Devbridge she worked as the Business Development Manager at Swanky Agency where she guided the growth of an e-commerce startup, helping it double in size and expand internationally. In her Senior Global New Business Development role at Marcus Evans, she was awarded “Top Sponsorship Salesperson” for two consecutive months before being promoted to Senior Global New Business Development Executive. At Devbridge, she will be assisting potential clients in realizing the full potential of a digital transformation. In addition to her past professional experience, Robyn also draws from her personality traits of perfectionism, determination, and reliability to successfully achieve her goals. Robyn is goal-oriented and is always working to set solid foundations for the future. In her free time, Robyn enjoys cooking, exploring nature - especially with seaside walks, and watching Grey’s Anatomy. She also enjoys diving into the topic of nature v. nurture and how it affects us all.

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