Rokas Kazlauskas

Rokas Kazlauskas

Software Engineer

Rokas is a Developer at Devbridge Group, mostly focusing on backend development but branching out when he needs to. He enjoys doing the “invisible” part of programming, the work that users might never see but that it can take months of coding to perfect. He also likes that development has infinite opportunity for learning, as it changes all the time and new challenges and problems come up, forcing developers to be creative and find new solutions. It is this never-ending chain of possibilities and technological evolution that keeps Rokas motivated.

Before he moved from his hometown, Rokas was an avid sailor. Now, it’s hard for him to find the time, but he still enjoys the sport and boats are one of his favorite topics of conversation. Rokas also enjoys gaming and watching TV, with “Westworld,” “Taboo,” and “Boardwalk Empire” among his favorite shows.

“The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine.”

Abraham Lincoln