Rolandas Satkus

Rolandas Satkus

Software Engineer

Rolandas is a certified Java Developer and Scrum Master with more than ten years experience in developing web applications and products. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge, Rolandas is committed to smartly solving challenges so that he can create software that brings value to clients and the company. He is especially interested in solving software challenges related to automation, optimization, system integration, and work organization. A patient person who is always willing to share knowledge as well as learn new things, Rolandas has many attributes that help him succeed in solving problems.

Rolandas has multiple and varied hobbies, one of which is doing jigsaw puzzles. One of the proudest achievements of his life was completing an 18000 piece puzzle. When he’s not piecing together jigsaw puzzles, he enjoys working out at the gym, dancing, reading, cooking, working in the garden, playing the guitar, and watching fantasy and sci-fi movies and television shows.

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