Romas Sirutavičius

Romas Sirutavičius

Principal Test Engineer

Romas holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems, and worked for a host of companies including iTree Finance before joining Devbridge. At Devbridge, his goals include improving automation in quality assurance.

Computing has been a major part of Romas’s life ever since he got his first desktop computer when he was young, which he used to play games like Quake 3 Arena. If he had to choose a different profession, it would still involve programming, or maybe something to do with cars — he loves mechanics. Aside from work, some of Romas’s favorite films include The Jacket, The I Inside, The Pianist and The Butterfly Effect, and he’s also an aficionado of old horror movies. If he could have any super power, it would either be invisibility or the ability to fly, and his favorite food is sushi.

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