Ruta Bielyte

Ruta Bielyte

Junior Test Engineer

Ruta is studying Information Systems at Kaunas University of Technology, where she has delved into creating small internet systems. She is proud to have earned the school’s Sponsor Scholarship. A fast learner, Ruta enjoys solving challenges especially when she knows the outcome will make someone’s life easier. Ruta approaches every task she takes on with precision, attention, and a sense of responsibility. She never gives up until her work is 100% done.

Ruta enjoys learning about history and politics, and she can often be found reading articles about what’s going on in both Lithuania and the world as a whole. To relax, Ruta likes to watch psychological movies and delve into the additional information, secret details, and hidden ideas that they contain. She also likes to go on long walks and to travel to new places.

Everything you can imagine is real.

- Pablo Picasso