Ryan Soosayraj

Ryan Soosayraj

Lead Product Manager

Ryan earned his bachelor’s degree in Electronic and Computing from The Nottingham Trent University. Bachelor (HONS) Electronic and Computing from The Nottingham Trent University, UK. He has nearly two decades of professional experience. He has held the positions of Director of Product Management and Senior Product Manager and brings experience in project management, business analysis, product marketing, and product lifecycle to his role at Devbridge. Ryan is also skilled at creating the right teams to tackle projects, bringing together diverse skillsets that can create and nurture beautiful and useful products.

Though he is serious about his career, Ryan likes to make sure he has plenty of fun in his life - he took clown classes and knows how to make balloon animals and walk on stilts. He’s proud of that, but prouder still of his family. Ryan is a devoted dad to his two kids and values his relationships with friends and family more than anything else. In his free time, Ryan cheers on Manchester United and seeks out challenging, informative conversations.

"Never fear the shadows. Shadows only mean there's light nearby."

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