Šarūnas Savičius

Šarūnas Savičius

Senior Software Engineer

Sarunas is a software developer in the MyLDC team. His job is to help clients reach their goals by solving existing problems or implementing new feature requests. Because there are multiple ways to approach most problems, Sarunas has to be creative in his work which is an aspect of the job he really enjoys.

Outside of work, Sarunas would be perfectly content in a world without websites or software. But, he says, if he had to live without technology he would prefer it be on a sunny Pacific island. Sarunas has two sons, and says they are his proudest achievement in life. As for hobbies, he collects full bottles of wine, whiskey and gin, and also enjoys fishing, cars, sports, and performance art such as theater and ballet.

"Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer."

Filipe Fortes

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