Sebastian Grenzhauser

Sebastian Grenzhauser

Lead Product Designer

Sebastian comes to Devbridge Group with a diverse background in tech, design, and brand strategy that will help him to connect the dots in new ways for the company’s clients. Sebastian’s previous jobs include strategy lead in brand strategy, graphic designer, and UI/UX designer. He and his wife have also launched their own start-up. In addition to his years of professional experience, Sebastian also brings extensive educational credentials to his work. He holds an MA in Design Strategy and Innovation, a PDGip in Design for Visual Communication, a BSc in Multimedia Tech and Design, and a European Baccalaure-ate. At Devbridge Group, Sebastian will work to help people and businesses focus on what truly matters by creating intuitive, effective and simple digital experiences. He also wants to further establish, embed, and professionalize design as a process and problem-solving tool at Devbridge Group. As a larger goal, he wants to play a part in creating a better internet because he believes that tech giants alone have the prowess to define its future. To achieve these goals, Sebastian will rely on his diverse background, his desire to make a difference, his courage to speak up, and his curious mind. He’ll also depend on certain technologies - Airtable to keep him organized and Adobe XD to make his ideas real and shareable. While Sebastian has plenty to be proud of in his career, his 2 year old son is his proudest achievement in life. In addition to spending time with his son, Sebastian also enjoys trail running, exploring London’s parks, learning about cars, and tinkering with technology and gadgets in his free time. Sunshine and clear blue skies will always bring a smile to his face and get him motivated to keep going.

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