Sergej Jechropov

Sergej Jechropov

Product Designer

Sergej earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. He has been interested in product design since middle school, and has spent most of his career working as a digital product designer creating interfaces for mobile and web applications. Two of his recent projects include a plastic-free, sustainable delivery project in Germany as well as an app design for portable fishing sonar “Deeper”. As a Product Designer at Devbridge, he is glad to have the opportunity to make sure people enjoy using technological products. Sergej uses visualization as an important tool for his creative process; he finds that doing so helps overcome challenges as work is being done.

In his free time, Sergej enjoys being outdoors. He hikes, bikes, and camps. His other hobbies include making music, playing video games, and watching TV shows like Black Mirror. Though Google is Sergej’s primary internet destination, he is always willing to talk about the phenomenon that is TikTok.

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