Sigita Skirmantė

Sigita Skirmantė

Front End Engineer

Sigita initially intended to take a career path in the legal sector. However, when she began exploring her interest in technology through taking on voluntary IT projects, she realized it might be time to change her career. Now, Sigita is confident that making the change to focus on front-end development is one of the best decisions she has ever made. As a Front End Engineer at Devbridge, Sigita gives her all every day, striving to do her best while continuously deepening her knowledge.

Though Sigita has many varied interests, her biggest passion is traveling. If given the opportunity, she would explore every corner of the universe. Her favorite way to explore is by hiking, especially when it presents the chance for adventure - Sigita would even welcome getting lost or meeting a bear if it meant she had a great hike. In addition to traveling and hiking, she also enjoys reading, cooking, crafting with polymer clay, geocaching, participating in active urban games, and watching movies.

The tough thing is figuring out what questions to ask.

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