Simonas Daniliauskas

Simonas Daniliauskas

Junior Software Engineer

Simonas is working at Devbridge Group while attending Kaunas University of Technology as a Software Systems student. He has already attended a C# Academy and is proud to have completed the Sourcery for Developers Academy, especially because his performance there earned his a job offer. He attributes his success in part to the fact that he is patient and willing to work through problems rather than just get frustrated. To help him work through development issues, he often turns to

One of Simonas’ professional goals is to build a massive open online course platform, though he is happy to work on any project in the education sector in general.

In his free time, Simonas enjoys working out at the gym, as well as reading and watching TV. Artificial intelligence and self-development are his two favorite topics to read about, while Game of Thrones and Narcos are his two favorite TV shows.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.

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