Simonas Kuprys

Simonas Kuprys

Lead of Engineering Unit

Simonas’ specialty and expertise is in the Oracle ecosystem. He has previously worked on accounting and document handling products for the Norwegian and Swedish markets. In his previous work, Simonas has done all levels of system set-up including hardware assembly, deployment, software development, maintenance, and even user teaching and support.

Even though Oracle is his area of expertise, Simonas enjoys learning about new technologies and keeping up to date with all the new trends. It’s not just a hobby for him either, as this knowledge helps him in his work, because the more techniques he knows the more he can achieve.

Simonas finds motivation for his work and his goal of constant improvement from a desire to learn from others involved in projects, as well as from the sense of accomplishment he has about his career so far and what awaits him in the future.

In his free time, Simonas enjoys cycling and is a glider pilot on weekends.

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