Simonas Zaronskis

Simonas Zaronskis

Software Engineer

Getting a job at Devbridge is Simonas’ proudest achievement, and he says his primary goal at the job is to become a valuable software engineer.

Every summer Simonas likes to spend some time recharging in nature. He likes camping in a tent by the lake, but if a full-length vacation isn’t possible he’ll take even a few hours to relax among the trees and water. He also likes to hike, preferably with music. A music fan, Simonas lists Spotify among the software he can’t live without, noting that everyone should have it. When Simonas does come indoors to relax, he might be found in the middle of a Twin Peaks binge watch.

If you ever need anything please don't hesitate to ask someone else first.

- Kurt Cobain