Skaistė Mazarevičiūtė

Skaistė Mazarevičiūtė

Senior SEO Specialist

Skaiste earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Management and Business Administration. As a Senior SEO Specialist at Devbridge she relishes the opportunity to use her SEO knowledge to help improve every aspect of digital marketing. Skaiste also enjoys that SEO work gives her the chance to keep learning, keep experimenting, and keep improving to make companies’ online presence even more effective.

Outside of work, Skaiste can often be found backpacking and summiting mountains (or the hills of Lithuania), or just exploring new cities and sights. Skaiste loves reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and hanging out with her cat who shares her enthusiasm for naps and just the right amount of sarcasm. Skaista is also fascinated by Google - she’s always ready to talk about the latest algorithm updates, or, for the less tech-inclined, the latest Google Doodle.

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