Skirmantas Navickas

Skirmantas Navickas

Software Engineer

Skirmantas has a variety of experience in the tech industry, including time teaching and freelancing. His first job was working as a computer repair assistant, then he went on to be part of a startup venture, then worked at UAB Virtloga as a Software Engineer. He has passed Sourcery Academy and even won the Kaunas HackerGames. As a Software Engineer at Devbridge, he will be providing various technological solutions and is especially enthusiastic about working with complex algorithmic problems that require high levels of optimization. To help him succeed professionally, Skirmantas relies not only on his technical skills, but also on his calmness and sociability.

In his free time, Skirmantas is often still on the computer, though to play games and not to work. He also spends time browsing YouTube and watching videos that help him keep up with the news, learn new things, or just have a laugh.

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