Steven Kuhlman

Steven Kuhlman

Vice President

Steve Kuhlman is Vice President of Devbridge Group. His focus is on helping Devbridge grow the core services business, maximizing its investments in existing products and growing its software product portfolio.

Steve comes to Devbridge Group from Monotype, where he has held many roles including Vice President, General Manager and Board Member in the leading sales, marketing e-commerce and product development teams. He has also worked with a team that started two businesses, grew those business and sold the businesses. In both cases, Steve was in involved in negotiating the terms of the sales, planning the integration and implementing the plans successfully.

Steve excels in a team setting, especially enjoying the role of developing go-market strategies for new and existing products. A large part of Steve’s experience has revolved around leading sales and marketing teams to meet or exceed quotas.

Steve and his wife have two kids and a dog. In his free time, he enjoys biking, running, skiing, auto racing and exploring new places.

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