Tomas Adomavičius

Tomas Adomavičius

Junior Software Engineer

Tomas is a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge. Tomas believes that motivation may sometimes be difficult to find so discipline is necessary to drive forward and succeed. When he needs to find motivation, he looks to other people, recognizing that if someone else can do something it is possible for him too. Tomas also keeps a focus on the end result of his work, finding motivation in knowing his efforts have a purpose.

While studying at Vilnius, Tomas spent a semester in Leuven, Belgium. Deciding to study in Belgium was one of the best choices of his life; he fell in love with the country, made friends from around the world, and learned much about foreign cultures. Learning is important to Tomas, and he regularly learns new things by watching documentaries. He also enjoys listening to podcasts, especially Lex Fridman’s that is focused on AI and features the field’s greatest scientists.

If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start.

Charles Bukowski

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