Tadas Bulis

Tadas Bulis

Mobile Software Engineer

While so many of us fondly recall the first computer game we ever played, Tadas fondly remembers the first computer game he ever made: Bomber (yes, you were a pilot bombing figures at the bottom of the screen). He was thirteen when he programmed the game using the ZX-spectrum computer his brother bought him. Tadas is no longer 13, and his expertise has grown far more than just the 250 lines of code his game needed. He now joins our Kaunas office as an iOS developer on the ServiceBridge team.

When Tadas isn’t glued to a computer screen, he may not even have his feet on the ground, as his favorite hobby and a major source if inspiration for him is flying his paraglider. He also counts his children as spiritual inspiration in his life, and his family makes him most proud.

“It’s never too late to learn”

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