Tadas Zilinskas

Tadas Zilinskas

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Tadas is very clear on his first memory of computing. His unbearable desire to know how to code games led him to conquer an entire programming course in one month. He also coded several childish games using Pascal and dreamed about learning other programming languages.

This web developer uses Google most often out of any website because it’s the fastest way to learn things such as teleportation. When not working, you can find this family man spending time with his kids, eating Chinese food or reading/watching Lord of the Rings.

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Tadas Zilinskas
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Some thoughts on Scrum and Zero Sprint

Four years ago, Devbridge adopted Scrum as a process for driving development. However, we're constantly reevaluating our processes to ensure they produce the best, most efficient products possible. In this post, one of our senior software engineers shares some things he's learned in those four years. These ideas can help build better backlogs and engage development teams. To not just build products, but own them.