Taha Ghaznavi

Taha Ghaznavi

Senior Product Manager

Taha enjoys building products that he would like to use and would be enthusiastic about encouraging others to use. He’s a big advocate for anything that is intelligently designed, and among the technology he particularly enjoys using are Facebook, Netflix, and YouTube. While Facebook lets him stay connected, he uses Netflix and YouTube for entertainment.

Taha is a big fan of the fantasy genre, and so is his wife. They gave their son the middle name Aragon, after the Lord of the Rings character, and their daughter’s middle name is Daemerys in tribute to Game of Thrones. In addition to these two children, Taha and his wife have another two kids. Raising a family, and still being able to travel and follow his professional dreams along with his wife is Taha’s proudest achievement.

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

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