Tanya Lahdelma

Tanya Lahdelma

Associate Director

Tanya earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce in Information Systems and Accounting from University of Cape Town. Before joining Devbridge she worked in the financial services and investment banking sector. Most recently, she worked as a Product Manager at Morgan Stanley. At Devbridge she is pleased to have the opportunity to solve real problems for clients and do so efficiently and with transparency and quality. In doing so, she focuses on the details while also assessing the big picture strategically. In all that she does, Tanya strives to achieve success both through delivering value and developing meaningful relationships. In her free time Tanya enjoys spending time outside. She hikes frequently, especially in the hills near her home, and is working towards her Lowland Leader award. She also volunteers with an all-girls secondary state school. Fascinated by other countries and cultures, Tanya is always eager to have a conversation with people about their differing experiences and backgrounds.

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