Tautvydas Dirmeikis

Tautvydas Dirmeikis

Software Engineer

Tautvydas is a graduate of the Kaunas University Programming School for Kids, and is now studying Software Engineering at Vilnius University. He is mostly interested in working on software related to financial operations, finding its vulnerability to errors a complex puzzle that is riveting to solve. He would also like to work on education software as he sees great value in being able to help others learn.

Tautvydas enjoys learning himself, and can often be found watching educational videos on YouTube or browsing Reddit for information on any subject he could possibly think of. He enjoys learning about some of the most complex topics in the world, including physics and astronomy.

Jogging is how Tautvydas unwinds, as he finds it to be a great way to get his mind working again. He also enjoys cooking and learning about new foods, saying that food is a form of art.

“Failure is success in progress”

Albert Einstein

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