Tiberiu Popescu

Tiberiu Popescu

Senior Test Engineer

Tiberiu studied Electronics and Telecommunications at the Military Technical Academy in Bucharest. Before joining Devbridge he worked for nearly two decades in testing, customer support, and leadership roles. His work took him across five European countries, and his job at Devbridge will mark the sixth he’s worked in. At Devbridge, Tiberiu is a Senior Test Engineer and focuses on patching the bugs in the project he’s assigned. As he works, he also likes to share his knowledge with team members; teaching is Tiberiu’s second-favorite craft (after testing, of course.) A believer in the power of teams, Tiberius also leans on his team to teach him and be a support as they all work through challenges.

A proud family man, Tiberiu is grateful for his group of friends that helped him meet his wife. In his free time, Tiberiu loves to read and is also an avid Magic: The Gathering player. His other hobbies include drawing, computer games, laughing at any kind of humor, and having deep conversations about psychology and knowledge in general.

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