Timothy Hamilton

Timothy Hamilton

Senior Product Designer

Tim earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary. He has a decade of experience in the technology industry, including time working for a small agency, doing in-house work, and working as a freelancer. In those roles, his projects have included SaaS, product work, front-end development, print, graphic, illustration, animation, and more. At Devbridge, this experience along with Tim’s natural attention to details helps him succeed as he works on quick discovery, validation, and iteration across multiple platforms. In all of his work, Tim is motivated by the opportunity to provide value that goes beyond they monetary.

In his free time, Tim loves playing guitar. To help him explore this hobby further, he uses the Tonebridge software that lets you plug your guitar into a computer and make it sound like anything you want. Tim also likes to spend time reading the works of William Shakespeare and is a fan of baseball and hockey.

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