Timothy Muenstermann

Timothy Muenstermann

Senior Product Manager

Tim served in the U.S. Army, earned his MBA, has started his own business, and has worked as a consultant. He started his own business while both serving in the Army and earning his MBA. Rightfully so, this is his proudest achievement. The business Tim started was a technology company that focused on the construction market, helping them with the logistics of asset tracking. In his professional life, Tim enjoys helping people build upon their strengths to achieve success. He also always want to help make clients more successful and productive.

Tim loves to travel, and will go anywhere and everywhere. He’s done quite a bit of travelling, but still has his heart set on visiting Costa Rica, Paris, and the Galapagos Islands. When he’s not working or travelling, Tim is an avid reader. His favorite book is “Frankenstein” and he’s read it multiple times.

If life were perfect, it would be boring.

My dad. He said that anytime we would complain.
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