Tomas Aušvicas

Tomas Aušvicas

Software Engineer

Tomas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering, but is self-taught at software engineering. He has honed his skills as a Java Software Developer intern and as a junior .NET Software Developer. His experience has primarily been in automation jobs, web services, web development, and querying. At Devbridge Group Tomas will continue working in these areas but is also looking forward to tackling new challenges as he expands his knowledge. Because he is always willing to learn, his knowledge will expand quickly and his positive attitude will help him solve any challenge that comes his way.

In his free time, Tomas is always soaking up information and entertainment. He often turns to Spotify, YouTube, and Reddit to find new music and videos, as well as the news of the day. He also credits Reddit and YouTube with helping him to learn software development.

To stay active, he heads to the swimming pool at least three days a week and also hits the gym.

Travel is also very important to Tomas. He loves going on adventures and talking about his own and other peoples’ experiences with travel.

"Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome" - Arthur Ash.

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