Tomas Birkantas

Tomas Birkantas

Senior Front End Engineer

Tomas is a Front End Engineer at Devbridge Group. He holds a degree in Economics, but is self-taught in HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaSCript (Vue.js), npm, webpack, and Git. JAM stack architecture has been his most recent interest, and he one day hopes to work on a large-scale project with experimental Web APIs which utilizes various hardware features (e.g. ambient light sensor, geolocation, proximity).

In his free time, Tomas enjoys swimming and exercising at the gym. He is also a fan of board games, and finds TV shows like South Park, Parks and Rec, and the Office to be excellent for relaxation.

When he needs information for a professional reason or about one of his hobbies, Tomas, like much of the world, turns to Google. He describes the search engine as his gateway to the world’s knowledge pool.

There has never been a sadness that couldn’t be cured by breakfast food.

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