Tomas Jorudas

Tomas Jorudas

Software Engineer

Tomas is a student at Kaunas University of Technology and has completed two Devbridge Sourcery Academies. He is now a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge and is looking forward to exploring many different challenges and projects as he launches his career in the tech sector. Devbridge’s Seek Mastery value is important to Tomas, as he is always striving to broaden his knowledge of everything related to software engineering. In addition to his willingness to learn, Tomas’ persistence also helps him succeed in his work.

Tomas’ main hobbies are music and basketball; both have been big interests for him since he was a child. He also likes to watch movies and TV - Pulp Fiction and Breaking Bad are his favorites, respectively. Overall, though, Tomas just loves the little things in life - a good night’s sleep, a great evening with friends, amazing food, or a beautiful sunset.

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