Tomas Miliauskas

Tomas Miliauskas

Senior Software Engineer

Tomas earned his Bachelor of Mathematics from Kaunas University of Technology and went on to work at Alna Software, and then Orka Software. As a Developer, he primarily used C++, Oracle, jQuery, AngularJs, and ServiceNow. Now, at Devbridge, he’ll be using his experience and skills to handle complex business logic on the server side, as well as to create an enjoyable experience for front-end users. Tomas’s knack for noticing details while keeping track of the whole picture is a valuable talent that will serve him well as he carries out his work at Devbridge.

Tomas’s children are his pride and joy. Raising smart and happy kids is his greatest achievement in life. In addition to spending time with his family, Tomas enjoys sailing and solving puzzles, and he satisfies his need for competition in part through video games and watching Survivor.

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