Tomas Teleisa

Tomas Teleisa

Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead

Playing games like King’s Bounty and Wolfenstein 3D on his family’s first PC had Tomas dreaming of being a Tank Commander when he was young, but when we wrote a disassembler with an assembler in only his second year of university, he know software and web development was the way to go. He’s applied his life philosophy – improve in every way possible – to continually learn new things and apply new knowledge in a practical way ever since.

When he’s not doing his duty as web developer for Devbridge, Tomas is probably enjoying his favorite cuisine – Chinese – or reading books. His favorite book is Red Orm, though you may know it was The Long Ships. If he weren’t a developer, Tomas would probably brew his own beer, but he’d rather not be a wine taster. Sampling all of those drinks and never actually getting to enjoy one? The horror!

“I drink, therefore I am.”

Monty Python

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Tomas Teleisa
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