Tomas Tumelionis

Tomas Tumelionis

Senior Software Engineer

Tomas earned a degree in Law from Vilnius University, but decided to seek a career in Engineering sphere. Tomas has spent much of his professional career focused on developing and modernizing web systems for both public and private sector projects. Joining Devbridge, Tomas is looking forward to work in a team with professionals as doing so gives him the opportunity to learn from others as well as share his knowledge with teammates. Always willing to learn new things, Tomas is constantly striving to find the best solution no matter how much work doing so takes. While he seeks to learn new things to help him out professionally, Tomas often turns to Hackernews and to Youtube channels that delve into tech topics.

Tomas is a big music fan, and he enjoys analyzing it as much as he enjoys listening to it. He even occasionally dabbles in playing an instrument.

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