Ula Giniotytė

Ula Giniotytė

Business Analyst

Ula earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Politics with a focus on International Relations from the University of Bath in the United Kingdom. Before changing her career focus to the IT field, Ula worked for both the Ministry of Environment for Estonia and the Ministry of Environment for Lithuania. Now, as a Business Analyst for Devbridge, she is pleased to be a member of a team that is helping create the technological innovations that are impacting people’s day to day lives. A large part of the reason she moved to the IT field was to be able to influence technology, rather than simply be a consumer of products. Determined and patient, Ula is able to stay focused on the goal of delivering impactful, quality results during even the most turbulent of times.

A triathlete, Ula depends on Garmin Connect and Training Peaks to help her train. Both apps provide crucial statistics for her training regimen. One of Ula’s proudest achievements is qualifying for the World Ironman 70.3 Championship. When she’s not training for triathlons, Ula enjoys relaxing in front of Netflix comedies, mysteries, and cooking shows.

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