Urtė Butėnaitė

Urtė Butėnaitė

Business Analyst

Urte earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Information Systems from Vilnius University of Technology. She initially started her career as a developer, but then decided that she was more interested in being a Business Analyst. She made the switch and has found that her knowledge as a developer is beneficial because it helps her to visualize business requirements from a technical perspective. In addition to that experience, Urte’s positive, can-do attitude and critical thinking skills help her to succeed at everything she tackles at Devbridge.

Urte loves to travel, especially to places where she can enjoy her other passion of hiking. However, she won’t turn down the chance to explore a new city. Urte also likes competitions in most any form, whether board games, video games, volleyball matches, or car orienteering challenges.

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Thomas Edison

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