Urte Zakarauskaite

Urte Zakarauskaite


Urte’s educational background is in Accounting and Finance, including attending the Women in Finance Academy. She also has professional experience in the accounting sector. Before joining Devbridge she worked in the Accounts Receivable Department at Ryland Transportation where she handled customer communication and payment paperwork. She also became adept at numerous computer programs - particularly Excel. This is a skill Urte plans to make the most of at Devbridge as she works creating data visualizations to help the HR Department better understand the implications of turnover and retention data. A quick learner who is always striving to expand his capabilities, Urte’s outlook and work ethic is an excellent match for Devbridge company culture.

In her free time, Urte’s hobbies include playing tennis, singing, playing piano, and traveling. She also enjoys watching TV and movies; her favorites are Friends and Gran Torino. She is also always sure to make time for family and friends, as they are a big part of her motivation as she works to be the best version of herself.

"Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today."

Benjamin Franklin

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