Vaclovas Vičius

Vaclovas Vičius

Principal Frontend Engineer and Team Lead

When Vaclovas is not watching the “Pursuit of Happyness” he writes elegant CSS and HTML as one of our prototypers. Vaclovas started using computers at the young age of eight, and continued to build websites and do network support for one of the local Internet Service Providers as he was working through school.

A big fan of basketball (and what Lithuanian isn’t, really?), Vaclovas dreamt of becoming a politician when he grew up. We’re happy that little dream didn’t come to fruition and that he can create value for our customers instead.

Vaclovas considers himself a bit of a foodie and loves to try out new cuisines and dishes. Having grown up in Lithuania, Vaclovas’ palette has been hardened with culinary masterpieces such as headcheese, pigs feet soup, and smoked pigs ears.

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