Victoria Palacios

Victoria Palacios

Product Designer

Prior to joining Devbridge Victoria worked at a consultancy where she built apps and websites. She has been involved in the full product design process, from user interviews and wireframes to full fidelity designs, even leading into development. She has written styles for several apps and also has experience in building WordPress CMS. At Devbridge Victoria strives to put her skills into practice to help bridge the gap between design and development.

When you hear that one of Victoria’s passions is continued learning and that she has a natural curiosity, this range of knowledge and experience isn’t so surprising. As a student at Illinois Wesleyan University Victoria studied Art and Business. She has also completed a full stack coding bootcamp.

An avid traveler, Victoria relies on the Hopper app to find cheap flights. When she relaxes at home Victoria enjoys watching Netflix food documentaries and movies. Her two favorite films are “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and “The Prestige.”

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