Vidmantas Banaitis

Vidmantas Banaitis

Software Engineer

A long time ago, when he was only 12 years old, Vidmantas saw a little turtle on a screen drawing shapes. It turned out that the turtle was only one of many little animals at the Logo programming software ranch, and Vidmantas was hooked. He went on to study IT and got his first job as a computer administrator for a secondary school, where he also taught computer science for fifth and sixth-graders, before ultimately coming onboard here at Devbridge.

When it comes to his favorite software and websites, Vidmantas defaults to the classics: Google and Wikipedia, because why bother having to remember anything when it’s all so easily accessible on the internet? Outside of the computing world, his proudest achievement is his daughter. His favorite movies are Riddick, Avatar or anything science fiction, and he loves any kind of dish that’s primarily composed of meat. If he hadn’t gone into IT, he probably would have gone into woodworking — he just can’t get enough of the smell of a freshly sawed board.

I’m not a walking library.

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